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Cresent Hardy Silent on Call to Donate Contribution from Fake Police Charity PAC

Hardy congratulates Clivan Bundy 2014

Editors Note: Below is an article concerning Congressional Candidate Cresent Hardy’s use of fake charity money to enhance his campaign. Before we get to that lets examine some of his other questionable activities.

  1. In 1993 Cresent Hardy, and other Virgin Valley water shareholders formed the Virgin Valley Water District (VVWD) in part to use public funds to purchase water shares. At that time one acre foot of water was sold or leased outside the area manged by the water board for about $7.20 per acre foot annually (AFA). In 1996 Hardy argued that one AFA of water was worth $662.25 per AFA. His fellow shareholders on the board set the price at $441.50. 
  2. In 2009, after Hardy had left the water board and sold 317.1 AFA of shares of public water to the board for $8,836.23 per AFA taking in a total of $2,801,968.05 of rate payer money for his shares of public water. One AFA of irrigation water outside the area controlled by the VVWD was priced at $13.60 per AFA.
  3. He sold 1.18 acres of land to the Virgin Valley Water District (VVWD) for an arsenic plant at an artificially high price of $425,000.
  4.  Hardy took his company Legacy Construction & Development, Inc. into Chapter 11 bankruptcy with 73 creditors owed more than $8.1 million. This move allowed Hardy to extract himself from the business and turn it over to his partners to reorganize and resolve the debt over time.
  5. Shortly after his tenure on the Mesquite city councilman ended, Hardy purchased the former Mesquite City dump, adjacent to an emerging golf course development. The dump, and its toxic producing methane was covered with dirt and houses sold unsuspecting senior citizens.

And now:

Cresent Hardy has apparently decide to keep his $1,000 campaign contribution from a telemarketing scam PAC. Nevada Democrats called on Hardy to return the ill-gotten money on Friday, but Hardy has yet to answer any questions about the campaign cash.

According to numerous law enforcement agencies, the “Police Action Fund PAC” is a telemarketing scam. The Kansas City Star reported that the Police Action Fund raises money “by claiming their donations help support police officers,” despite the fact that most of the money is spent on overhead while a small portion is funneled to political candidates like Hardy.  It is unclear why the Police Action Fund donated to Hardy’s campaign. Republican Missouri Senate candidate Josh Hawley also received a donation from the Police Action Fund, and decided to donate the funds to charity after press inquiries. Hardy has yet to respond to calls to donate the money.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Michael Soneff released the following statement:

“The silence from Cresent Hardy’s campaign is disturbing but sadly unsurprising. We don’t know why Cresent Hardy took a campaign contribution from a telemarketing scam, but we know for certain that he can’t plead ignorance now. He knows that he is funding his campaign with money that was taken under false pretenses, by people exploiting law enforcement officers for profit. Cresent Hardy’s shameful behavior is yet more evidence that he is unfit to represent Nevada in Congress.”

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